There are few sights in this world that delight a gourmet food lover more than a well-stocked cheese platter. However, if you want to take your platter to the next level, look to Ausnat Fruits. They provide a range of gourmet fruit delicacies guaranteed to impress. Using the highest quality, locally grown fruit, they offer the sweet accompaniment of gourmet jellies and bottled fruits, as well a selection of dried fruit dipped in chocolate or yoghurt. In addition, Ausnat Fruits products make a heavenly dessert or a way to enhance the taste of your seasoned meats.

The home-made style range will appeal to gourmets who appreciate delicious and unique products, and enjoy captivating flavour combinations.


Ausnat Fruits is a small but passionate family business located in South Australia’s sunny Riverland region, situated along the Murray River. They are passionate about using the Riverland’s clean, green produce to create their gourmet treats, which are of the highest quality.

Owner Anne Battams has been producing these fruit delicacies for almost 30 years, and sends them to around 50 stockists throughout Australia.



The sweetness of bottled fruit makes it the perfect pairing for soft cheese or an hors d’oeuvres platter.

Ausnat Fruits’ collection includes:

  • Brandied apricots
  • Brandied apricots with wattleseed
  • Fruit medley in muscat.
    The above products are delicious served on their own or as an accompaniment to soft cheese. Brandied apricots are also a way to enhance the taste of your seasoned meats. Simply mince apricots and add to the seasoning. But don’t waste the syrup! It makes a wonderful marinade or a topping for ice cream.
  • Prunes in port
    This product will impress gourmets as a tantalising dessert served with whipped cream or ice cream. Or for a savoury flavor hit at your next barbecue, partially cook sausages, slice in half, fill with drained prunes, wrap in bacon and finish cooking.
  • Flavours of the bush
    A selection of uniquely Australian dried fruits including apple, pear and quandong soaked in a wattleseed-based liqueur.


Impress dinner guests with a special after dinner treat, using Ausnat Fruit’s selection of local dried fruits dipped in chocolate and yoghurt. For a more savoury pairing, the dried fruit can enhance any cheese platter. This product embodies the Riverland, using only fresh local produce of the highest quality.


Not just known for producing pure, top quality fruit, the Riverland also produces some world-class wines. Ausnat Fruits has created a selection of jellies using delicious local wines, enhanced with subtle herbs. These jellies are also a perfect addition to cheese platters, and pair especially well with hard cheeses.


Ausnat Fruits specialize in gift baskets, the perfect option for the food lover who has everything. Boxes are prepared with the greatest care and presentation, and the gourmet products included can be tailored to the individual. Every inch of space within the gift basket is taken up with delicious Ausnat Fruits products, maximizing your value for money. Delivery of gift baskets can be arranged throughout Australia. A superb way to showcase the Riverland region, gift baskets are ideal for Christmas, birthdays or to say thank you to someone special.

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